PSSM2 Symptoms in Horses

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Symptoms of Exercise Intolerance

If your horse has symptoms of exercise intolerance, you can't manage your horse's condition without a diagnosis. You and your veterinarian need to work together.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your horses?

  • Apparent Pain
  • Cinchiness/Girthiness (reacts to being saddled)
  • Muscle wasting (most obvious in hindquarters)
  • Localized muscle wasting (small divots that could look like kick marks)
  • Shifting lameness
  • Rope walking (one leg in front of another on centerline)
  • Shortened gait (limited movement of hindquarters)
  • Bunny hopping (rear legs brought forward together at canter)
  • Cross firing or disunited canter
  • Hitch in the trot
  • Heavy on the forehand
  • Trouble picking up correct lead in back

These symptoms may all be related and linked to a disease known as PSSM2 or MFM, a subtype of PSSM2.

PSSM2/MFM Symptoms in Maggie (May 2015) PSSM2/MFM Symptoms in Maggie (May 2016)

Horse Genetic Test for PSSM2/MFM

EquiSeq is now offering the first genetic tests for PSSM2/MFM, a muscle wasting disease common in Quarter Horses and related breeds.

(P2, P3, P4, Px, P8, K1)

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